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Please call the Center at 301/373-2522 if you have questions or would like to sign up for any of the classes or events that do not have registration links.

April 2014


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Time:  7:15PM


Please join us on the full moon each month for about an hour for the Full Moon Pipe Ceremony.  This is a traditional Lakota Sioux Pipe Ceremony.   This ceremony embodies the ancient practice of gratitude and appreciation for the abundance in our lives.  In the fullness of the energy and light of the moon we open our hearts to each other, our families, our communities and the Earth in a circle of prayerful companionship.  Hear the old story of how the pipe came to the people.  Partner with us to acknowledge and enjoy the important cycles in Nature.

All family and friends are welcome. Weather permitting, we may go outside to one of our gathering circles.  Please bring a blanket to sit upon and wear appropriate clothing & shoes for either indoors or out.  If you have a peaceful prayer or wish, this would be a good venue to make it in, either silently or out loud.  It is a wonderful time to give thanks for all that we are given.

Please contact the Center at 301-373-2222 to RSVP if you plan to attend and for additional information. 

Akashic Record Readings and Healings

with Bill Sanda

When:  Saturday, April 19, 2014

Time:  By Appointment 10:30 AM to 6:00 PM

Fee:  $100/session

...rejoice that your names are recorded in heaven. (Luke 10:20)

What if you could access the lessons of the past – including the distant past of cellular memories and previous lives?  Imagine how accessing this energy could change your life:  you could resolve recurring patterns and issues; heal long-standing challenges; and even empower future growth! 

You can access healing energies through your Akashic Records.  The mysterious Akashic Records are a dimension of consciousness that contains a vibrational record of every soul and its journey.  These Records are non-physical often described as a library, a "universal supercomputer" and even the "Mind of God."  The information found in the Akashic Records is completely available everywhere, to all beings.  In this dynamic, flowing energy field of the universe, every thought, word and action that occurs in your life is recorded . . . and those records are available to guide you through your present challenges.  

Through your Akashic Records, the experiences of your past lives can help you gain new perspectives, achieve healing in your present consciousness, and connect with your eternal Divine Self.  Bill’s unique gift for clearly accessing the healing capacity available from your Akashic Records, and his compassion and clarity are a positive force for anyone who seeks healing.

 Bill Sanda has been a spiritual seeker for more than three decades, and has studied with some of the most respected spiritual masters of our time.  His gift for bringing the healing energies of the Akashic Records to others was revealed to him years ago and now he offers this service to people as his gift back to the world. Bill says,” I have been blessed to discover my passion and path in life. I have been guided to work with others using this little known, but powerful process for healing. An Akashic Clearing can heal on many levels: emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual. I am honored to be granted the ability to share this kind of power with others.”

Call now to set your appointment ~ 301/373-2522.

Light Workers in Unity - Advanced Meditation
When: Monday Evenings - ongoing
Time:  4:30 PM - 6:00 PM
Fee:  $10/class payable in advance or at group check-in
Organizers: Jessica Yohe, Pat Gronert, and Liz Purcell Leskinen
This is an advanced meditation group open to participants who have meditation experience, or who or have taken a meditation class. This will be a self-directed, participant-based experiential gathering. The primary objective will be self-transformation through inner silence and awareness that will support the awakening and healing of all humanity. Participants will voluntarily take alternating responsibility for the night's extended meditation so that there will be some learning through exposure to different perspectives, philosophies, and practices. We will open our hearts in unity to heal and bring light to the world. The specific guidelines for the group will be jointly discussed and finalized by consensus at the first gathering.
Focus will be on extended meditation.

Massage & Reiki Services with Renee Nameth

When:  Tuesday & Thursdays before or after Child Birth

              & Fridays

Time:  By Appointment

Fees:  1 Hr Massage $80

            1 1/2 Hr Massage $120

            45 Min Reiki/Crystal & Healing Touch Sessions - $90

For over a decade Renee has been practiceing Reiki, Crystal Healing Helaing Touch, Therapeutice Massage, Post a& Pre-Natal Massage, Deep Tissue and Medical Massage.  To set your appointment, please call Renee at 301/536-1871

Children's and Young Adult Counseling with Diana Kraft

When:  Tuesdays and Wednesdays By Appointment

Time:  4:00 to 6:00 PM


Diana finds great enjoyment and satisfaction in helping young people overcome their challenges and make strides to realize their full potential.  She has helped young adults and children of all ages and grade levels with a variety of challenges, including:  anxiety, trauma, grief, ADHD, impulsivity, depression, self-esteem and personal identiyy issues.  Diana is a Licensed Professional Counselor and works in the St. Mary's Comunmtuy Public Schools System as a school counselor and as a licensed therapist.  Please contact Diana at 240/472-3522 to set up your appointment, or visit her at diana@dianadraft.com.

May 2014

Zentangle - Learn the Art of Zentangle

with Jill Smithson

When:  Friday, May 9, 2014

Time:  10 AM to Noon

Fee: $50 per person (Materials Included)

Explore the meditative art form known as Zentangle®.  This foundational workshop introduces what has been described as yoga for the mind.  You are invited to explore, create and play as you rekindle your creativity, develop greater hand-eye coordination, improve your capacity to perceive with an artists eye and quiet your mind.  Discover the joy of all possibility as you touch the quiet center of your being, connecting your inner and outer world.  This simple practice is your invitation to be inspired as you practice focused awareness by being YOU!    This class requires a minimum of 6 registrants.

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Mastering Marriage Workshop

with Alison Sayers (a trained facilitator)

When:  May 14, 28, June 11, 25, July 9 & 23

May 14th Topics - Strengths & Personalities

May 28th Topics - Stress & communication

Time:  6:30 PM to 8:30 PM

Fee:  $150/couple (includes inventory and materials)

Starting in May, the Mastering Marriage workshop will bring together couples to learn about one another and enhance their relationship skills.  All couples re welcome - dating, engaged or married.  There's something for everyone.  Please register by Wednesday, May 7th to reserve your spot.  The workshop pulls from the research-based Prepare-Enrich program which has been in use for over 30 years with over 1 million couples.  Over time, couples in the program report a 30% decreased chance of divorce and a 90% increase in relationship satisfaction.  Couples take the Prepare-Enrich online inventory prior to the beginning of the workshop.  During the workshop, couples review  and learn from their inventory results and practice new skills.  Learn more by visiting Alison at:  www.alisonsayers.com

Nutritional Counseling with Margaret Wright

When:  Friday, January 10, 2014

Time:  By Appointment

Fee:  Initial Consultation (1.5 hr) $110

         Follow-up sessions (1hr) $65

For more about Margaret Wright visit:  www.1ounce.com